The start of most renovation projects is a busy time for all involved but one of the most vital elements to get right first time is landscaping.  We show you upfront a vision of what will be achieved and once the use of the area is agreed the land is altered to suit, so that everything that follows becomes easier.  From natural looking rural areas to highly maintained formal gardens, we will implement your vision on the environment.  The correct level of irrigation is vital for the success of this element and we build this in at the commencement of the project.

Traditional stone masonry is a dying art in most of Europe, fortunately we have a team of Portuguese master stonemasons who can create beautiful stone works and make them look like they have been in situ for years.  From perimeter walls to stone features in a reading garden this under-appreciated art will add an element of natural wonder to your property.

Transform the land ready for the purpose that has been pre-approved by the client

Divide using a combination of stones, planting areas and grass

New stone walls that look like they have been then for time immermorial

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