Planning laws in most Algarve Camâras are especially strict when it comes to adding usable, extra space onto your property but designed correctly and built well wooden structures are exempt from these rules and should provide a covered space for many years to come.  The applications that these wooden structures are endless and can include:

Music listening and relaxation spaces including Yoga, Tai-chi etc.


Animal enclosures, include bird cages, cat pens, dog houses

Gym areas and fitness studios

Beauty treatment and massage areas

Teenagers entertainment space, getting the kids out of the house but in a safe and controlled environment

As a summer lounge when the villa is just too hot

Pool house and pump room

As an extra bedroom for guests

Multipurpose space that can be converted for different uses

Cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter, wooden structures are perfect for the Algarve climate

Strong, good-looking and requiring no planning permission

Their use is only limited by our imagination

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